Homeowners Insurance

Home Insurance provides protection for your house and your family’s liability, as well as the things you own in and around your home against covered perils such as fire, theft, wind\hail and more.

Homeowner policies are affected by where you live, the valuables in the home and which coverage you choose. A comprehensive insurance plan will cover you financially if you have a loss due to fire, theft or other events, including if someone is injured on your property.

At Cardinal Insurance we have the home insurance specialists that can tailor a specific package to your needs and risk. We have access to top rated companies to find you the best fit, at a fair price. We can quickly compare rates to ensure you don't have any gaps in coverage.

The Following are some of the insurance related protection you will receive from your homeowners policy:

Property Coverage – Building Coverage to pay for repairs to your home, garage or other private use buildings, that are damaged by an insured peril.

Personal Property – Coverage for the contents of your home and insured buildings in the event of an insured loss.

Legal Liability – Coverage for both legal liability arising from the ownership of your property and also arising out of your personal actions anywhere in the world.

Additional Living Expenses – this provides coverage for costs over and above your normal expenses, during such time that your home is unfit to live in, due to an insured loss.

There are many other policy options that you many want to consider in addition to your basic homeowners policy. Additional coverages such as replacement cost, sewer back up, or flood -  along with riders for boats, jewelry, tools, fine arts and sports equipment are just a few.  Other considerations would include such things as a seasonal residence, a travel trailer, a rental property or additional land you own.

Our agents at Cardinal Insurance can help you understand your risks and help you evaluate whether you may need additional coverage for your home insurance plan.

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